Features Of Pinch Valves :-

  • Same face to face as ball , plug & gate valves up to 12”
  • 100% full port.
  • Bidirectional drop-tight shut off.
  • No Packing require ever to maintain.
  • Sleeve is only wetted parts, no need for alloy body.
  • Self cleaning.
  • Excellent throttling characteristics.
  • Flexible sleeve isolate the valve working parts.
  • Two pinching bar close on center line , eliminating turbulence and wear, and provide a smooth closing venture that self-clean with each operation.
  • None contaminating, essentially safe design eliminates fugitive emission problem.
  • Reduce maintenance time
  • easy to maintain
  • Straight Full Flow
  • No liquid hammering
  • Can handle most corrosive and abrasive material.
  • The only replaceable part is rubber sleeve.
  • Split casting ensures quick maintenance of the valve.
  • available at Cost-Effective prices..
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