Pinch valves Manufacturer are better engineered for Corrosive Slurry. These valves provide positive on/off control in highly abrasive and corrosive slurry applications. A rubber sleeve/tube is protected under a cast iron, cast steel or aluminum body. The inside of pinch valve rubber sleeve has no crevices or indentations to allow slurry compound to collect and dry into hard, sharp material. This rubber sleeve when punctured can be easily and inexpensively replaced. The collar of the sleeve eliminates gasket and also the closing patterns of pinch valve allow abrasive, corrosive slurry throttle control to zero leakage shut-off. Our manual Pinch valves supplier have calibration with travel limit nut system and in-between stoppage will allow the desired throttling, whereas flow as straight of a pipeline in fully open condition. Pinch valves for corrosive slurry are defend against blockage and are best suited for corrosive slurry applications which clog in the pipeline.

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