We are known widely as one of the proficient Industrial Pinch Valves manufacturers and suppliers from Mumbai. An Industrial Pinch Valve is a fully ported type of control valve which uses a pinching effect to obstruct fluid flow. These valves are used for fluids usually employ a device that directly contacts process tubing. These pinch valves are extensively used for handling corrosive slurry, liquid with solid suspensions, abrasive media, and many others. Forcing the tubing together will create a seal that is equivalent to the tubing’s permeability. These valves consist of rubber sleeves that are protected under a metallic body.

We make these industrial pinch valves that offers you a commercial solution to flow control problems. These valves consist of a rubber sleeve protected under a metallic body. 

The service media flows through the rubber sleeve and isolated from the atmosphere, thus reducing pollution to the environment. The flow through pinch valve is straight and full as that of a pipeline. Manual wheel operated pinch valves are fabricated by our highly qualified engineers that having simple rising spindle type operation, these makes pinch valve just simple as other wheel operated valve. Our manufactured Pinch valves offer positive control over flowing media ensuring zero leakage shut-off.

Industrial Pinch Valves, offered by our company, are the modified version of laboratory pinchcock in which rubber sleeve is protected under the casting made of cast iron. This valve is user friendly and can be operated easily as compared to other wheel operated valves. This valve allows positive control over flowing media because of it’s in between stoppage that gives desired throttling.

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