Larger effective sealing area
Leak proof isolation – Class 6 shut off achieved.
Durability – Piston unexposed to media
Absence of Gland & Seat
Maintenance friendly – Uniform sealing rings on both the sides & maintenance can be done without removing the valve from the pipe line. (On-line Maintenance)
User Friendly – It does not need Valve Key
The Only Scrap Free Valve
Self Lubricating
Self Cleaning

Our Company occupied in designed and developed Flow Control Valves, Industrial Piston Valves, etc. Quality is our motto and we follow it without any compromise. Piston valve to replace the conventional high maintenance globe valves. Piston Valves Manufacturers and Suppliers from India.

Advantages of piston Valves:-

——Piston valves can be supplied with ibr certification.
——easily adaptable to automation, can be supplied with electric & pneumatic actuator
——seatless & glandless less maintenance
——100% leak tight
——thermal expansion effectively compensated in design
flow regulation possible
——no erosion of sealing surface
——replaceable parts & spares readily available
——seal scan be replaced online.

Piston valve is used in avoid leak to impression.Piston valve was innovated by replace the disk and seat of a conservative globe valve with a cylindrical piston and two flexible, consumable sealing rings.

What Is A Piston Valve:-

Piston Valve is a seatless,Glandless piston type globe valve and 40 TYPE/ASA 150#.

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